Rahul Temple RUN curtsy Gujarat Assembly election

Rahul Gandhi is busy with his Temple RUN in Gujarat curtsy Assembly election. Rahul is all bent to give tough fight to Modi’s BJP in BJP’s own way. This has changed the election equations and arthemetic. Whether Rahul will beat BJP aka Modi or not, but its visibile that he has woken up and giving good fight to otherwise a easy win for BJP.


Rahul has been visiting Temples in Gujarat each day. Rahul visited Somnath Temple on Wednesday. A major controversy broke out with BJP making a big issue out of it regarding signing on non-hindu register.


Rahul has been creating temor in BJP camp by visiting one temple after another and BJP is turn is trying to create controversy and not letting go any chance it gets.

Latter on thursday, Rahul clarified while addressing a meeting in Amreli in Gujarat that he did not sign register but only signed on visitor’s book and he does not want to take polical millage of his faith or religion like BJP.

Rahul stated that he and his family are devotees of Lord Shiva and we don’t need any certificate from others. These issues are personal and private to him.

Gujarat election has made Rahul active and also devoteed to God. Congress is well planning his temple trips and each temple visit is well propogated to give Rahul an edge. Temple, religion was once only BJP’s political game, now Congress is catching up and beating BJP in the same game.

There has been cat and mouse fight between both the parties and there are more to come as the voting day comes. Stay tuned for more entertainment by Rahul & Modi groups.